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April.5.17‪Money Matters‬
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Money Matters with Nimi

Good Morning Nimi, I’m writing because I literally don’t know what else to do and I am too ashamed to talk to anyone I know about this. I will be 30 years old in a few months and I have no savings whatsoever…not even N1! I have been living a lie for so long, giving […]

March.2.17‪Money Matters‬
Money Matters with Nimi

The “A to Z of Personal Finance, which I published in 2015, is a collection of topics, words and terms that we associate with the subject of personal finance. It provides a comprehensive #guide and walks readers through their finances as they pass through the various #stages of life from #childhood, through their careers, retirement […]

August.29.16‪Money Matters‬
Money Matters with Nimi

We have a choice every single day regarding how we will approach the 24 hours we are given. We can either choose to trek through life as though it is a burden full of drudgery and monotony or we can realize that life is as grand as we believe it to be. We are the […]

June.16.16‪Money Matters‬
Money Matters with Nimi

BESTMAN GAMES HOSTS “TRAIN THE TRAINER” TOURNAMENT FOR 100 TEACHERS FROM 100 SCHOOLS AHEAD OF THE FIRST CITY OF LAGOS MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP Today is a most special day for Bestman Games. We are hosting 100 Lagos teachers from 100 Lagos schools for a “Train the Trainer” tournament on the Monopoly Board Game. This is ahead […]

June.6.16‪Money Matters‬
Money Matters with Nimi

Before you decide to pass your business to the next generation, be certain that at least one of your children is capable of running it. If you have children who are not a part of the business, have no skills in that type of business and have no interest in the business, then they probably […]

November.28.15‪Money Matters‬
Money Matters with Nimi

It was such an honour to stand before an august audience on 27th November 2015 as an alumna of Corona School Ikoyi, as we unveiled The Corona Schools edition of Monopoly and in the presence of His Excellency, The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo and […]

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Money Matters with Nimi
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February.1.12‪Money Matters‬
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Money Matters with Nimi

Far too many of us are completely unprepared for a financial crises and can get caught off guard. No matter how meticulous or organizsed you are about your personal finances, emergencies do happen when you least expect them and can sneak up on you, disrupting your budget so severely that it can take you several […]

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