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Money Matters with Nimi

“Every day young, intelligent, articulate graduates, pound the pavements in search of work. For so many graduates, having a degree has not translated, as expected into a job.” After the graduation ceremony, NYSC, then what? The graduation ceremony had a touch of grandeur, solemnity and nostalgia about it; the special day has come and gone. […]

Money Matters with Nimi

A firm foundation comes from a solid education and it is every parent’s duty and desire to give their children the best possible start in life. A foreign education is the dream of many students, but for thousands of Nigerians studying abroad as well as thousands aspiring to join them, the devaluation of the naira […]

Money Matters with Nimi

Planning for your child’s education Naturally it is the desire of every parent or guardian to give their children the best possible start in life. One of the best ways to build a foundation for a secure future is through a sound education. Education opens doors to many opportunities, and is a necessity in today’s […]

New Year & your finances: FINANCIAL NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR 2015
Nimi Akinkugbe

A new year brings with it a sense of renewal and the age-old tradition of new-year resolutions helps you to focus on making positive changes in various aspects of your life. Financial resolutions are often ignored; here are a few to set you on the right footing for 2015. Do not try to initiate them […]

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