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March.2.24Personal Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

Generations of women have held the Proverbs 31 woman as their role model. Even though she existed thousands of years ago, the proverbs 31 woman and her approach to life and money matters, is more relevant than ever for the 21st Century woman. She forms the perfect picture of a busy woman running her home, […]

Money Matters with Nimi

Are you a widow or do you know one? Here are 10 tips to share. 1) Assemble a support team Confer with a team of trusted advisors so that they can attend to some important issues for you, acting on your behalf as appropriate. Societal norms make it awkward for a widow to visit banks […]

March.1.24Personal Finance
Nimi Akinkugbe

On March 8,  International Women’s Day will be celebrated all over the world. The day has come to represent an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, as it calls for greater equality between the genders. African women are the continents “greatest untapped resource” and their contribution is key to its achieving its full potential. […]

Money Matters with Nimi

Several events will take place all over the world to mark International Women’s Day, to celebrate their economic, political and social achievements. Traditional gender roles have presented household income from a perspective where women were expected to stay at home and look after children. Economic reality today means that most families must rely on more […]

February.11.24Love and Money
Couples arguing
Money Matters with Nimi

Money can be a powerful force that shapes our lives in so many ways, including our romantic relationships. The reality is that financial issues often cause strain and discord in partnerships. Let’s discuss the impact of money on relationships and share some tips on how to navigate these challenges. Money is a leading cause of […]

February.1.24‬ Personal Finance‬
Happy new year
Money Matters with Nimi

As we enter the new year, it is quite common for many to set New Year Resolutions for the year ahead. However, one crucial aspect of our lives often gets overlooked – our personal finances. Our personal finances have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, so it is essential to prioritize and […]

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