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October.10.22Retirement Planning
Money Matters with Nimi

In many corporate organizations, 60 is the retirement age, whether you are ready or not, and even when you have so much more of your talent and experience to give. It can be quite disconcerting and unsettling to have to move on, particularly if you are not mentally and financially prepared. Research suggests that life […]

August.29.22Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

As the holiday season draws to a close, parents must consider one of their biggest, recurring costs which is the school fees. Here are some back to school money tips as you prepare for the new session: Plan Ideally, parents should have started planning for the school year long before now. When you shop early, […]

Money Matters with Nimi

1. PLAN AHEAD. As the holidays draw to a close, the start of the new school year is fast approaching. A new academic year is full of promise for your children as they move one step closer towards fulfilling their potential. It also comes with some major challenges for many parents. The academic year comes […]

August.12.22Children and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

We all have God-given gifts or talents and our children are no different. What is your child good at? What does your child love to do? What does your child gravitate towards? What do friends and relations refer to when they talk about your child? All children have an ability that sets them apart if […]

July.11.22Holiday Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

The long vacation is here and many parents and their young adults need to figure out how best to utilise this break. Yes there is a need to unwind, rest and rejuvenate, but it is also a good time to take advantage of almost 3 months or more at their disposal to improve existing skills, […]

June.20.22Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

Fathers are special every day but Father’s Day, celebrated in June each year stands out as a day to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the extraordinary influence of fathers in the society. The family is the foundation – a critical unit – of society so effective leadership of that unit has massive […]

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