May.10.23Children and Money
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Do you remember having chores that you were responsible for when you were growing up? Were you paid an allowance to do the chores?

I believe that if chores are tied to a monetary incentive, children can decide to opt out of receiving compensation.
In the real world there are roles and responsibilities, if you don’t take responsibility for tasks assigned to you, it is anti social and puts a burden on others. Chores should not be optional; they should be the responsibility of all members of the household. How do you feel about paying for chores?
Here are some advantages of chores:
When children know that there are certain tasks that must be completed, and well done, gives them a sense of responsibility.
When a job is done well, a sense of accomplishment comes with it. Encourage and praise your child when they do well. This boosts self-esteem.
When kids learn to complete their chores without being cajoled, they learn early lessons about being independent, capable adults.
We all juggle various tasks in our lives. Children must juggle family time, homework, chores, extra curricular activities…This develops essential time management skills.
From making their own beds to helping with laundry, washing the dishes or the car, to cleaning the house or helping with younger siblings are all-important skills for managing an orderly home in future.
Chores introduced and shared within a family in a fun engaging way, develops a sense of teamwork. Helping others to achieve a common goal is a great skill for professional life.
Learning about hard work is an essential part of becoming a focused, successful adult. When children are held accountable for completing tasks it helps them develop a strong work ethic that will stand them in good stead in future.
If you haven’t yet introduced chores, the weekend is a good time to start!
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