May.17.20Children and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

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I was about 5 years old but I still remember because it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make . I had just done my monthly job of cleaning shoes and been paid by my father a whopping salary of N100 including all the debt he owed !!! My life was complete! But my joy was short-lived because that night armed robbers visited our ‘little mansion’ stealing everything .

I remember running to my room after they left and we had come out of hiding ‍♀, searching frantically . Finally, I found it ,my N100, neatly tucked in my pillow case , they hadn’t found it ! I was ecstatic !!!

Then I thought about my father who had lost everything. I remember sitting on my bed, #deflated .

So I made a decision..a very difficult one, one that broke my heart but needed to be done .

I walked up to him as he sat in his chair brooding , handed him my N100 and said ‘We are now poor but you can have this back since you don’t have any more money.’

You see that N100 was my riches , BUT it wasn’t his . .

So He smiled, told me to keep it then explained that what was in the house wasn’t the sum total of his wealth, it was just what could be seen. He had more in a place called ‘The Bank’ and other places . That was the beginning of my financial education.
From that day I was taught by my father who was a financial consultant , about money, how to multiply it , where to keep it, what to do when you lost it, how to create it and how to never be rendered helpless by it.

Don’t shield your children from the realities of life especially as it concerns money. Train them on it , good decisions, bad decisions , why you are broke , what you should have done better. You do not need to spell out everything but give them a bird’s eye view…trust them with knowledge .
They are making assumptions as they go on-Direct their learning ,even when it means admitting you failed.

Don’t just make up your mind to provide all their needs, train them enough that when the time comes they can provide their own needs .

Some of the money problems we face as adults is directly related to our lack of financial instruction as children.

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